NLC Ferry – Wasaline Improves Result Again

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Wasaline increased its operational volume and improved the result for 2018 by 17,4%.

  • +1.3% Turnover €19,6 million
  • +17.4% Result €2,0 million

Wasaline increased its market shares on the passenger traffic market between Finland and Sweden 2018, with a new record year again since the traffic start 2013.

  • + 6.2% passengers
  • +6.3% cars
  • +2.2% freight

Multiple energy saving projects continued during 2018 with investments in frequency converters and different automation systems. Preparations for a battery driven system back up for the auxiliary engines are ongoing and will be finished in 2019

Thanks to these actions, the electricity consumption onboard decreased by 40% and the fuel consumption by 4,5%.  The average fuel tonnage price increased by 22% during 2018 but for Wasaline the total fuel expenses increased only by 12,9%.

The ice season 2018 was the most widespread since the start of the traffic in 2013 and the entire Bothnian Bay was covered with ice until March, however, the traffic ran smoothly without any disturbances.

During year 2018, Wasaline ordered a new ferry.


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Wasaline’s Best Q1 Ever

Wasaline continues to grow with new record volumes for the first quarter of the year and increases its market share between the traffic in Sweden and Finland.

There was an increase of 13.6% on the passenger side, and the turnover increased 10,7%.

Cargo showed new record volumes with an increase of 452 units (+ 12.5%) and transported 18% more freight.


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Strong Political Support For Wasalines

The City of Vasaa is prepared to help financing the building of a new ferry for Wasaline, says Ålands Sjöfart.
The city council of Vasa will be supporting and legally guaranteeing a loan taken by the ferry line on EUR 35 million and give a direct loan of EUR 25 million.
The European Investment Bank is ready to lend EUR 70 million.
Earlier this year several yards have been contacted to get a view on the possibilities.

High-speed broadband on board Wasaline ferry WASA EXPRESS

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Wasaline is the first shipping company in the Baltic Sea to provide its passengers with fast and reliable Internet access from Vaasa to Umeå, via advanced microwave technology from AecorLink. For the first time, passengers can now surf the web, use social media and streaming services the same way they do at home.
All conference guests will have free Wi-Fi during the entire journey; all other passengers will have free Wi-Fi for 30 minutes, to try out the service.
After 30 minutes a popup window tells the user to pay an amount of €3 per device for the rest of the 4,5-hour journey.
Instead of 4G, the technology is based on a microwave connection from shore to ship. It makes it possible to deliver very high data capacity, meeting the guest’s needs for streaming services, like Skype, YouTube, Netflix etc.
For Wasaline this is a game changer since the satellite connection only provided 0,5 mbps to the entire ship, now they have access to from 150 – 200 mbps during the entire crossing.

Photo © Incat / Virtu Ferries