One More Ferry For Torghatten

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Torghatten Group has ordered a near sister to 2017 Fiskerstrand built HORNSTIND for its Torghatten Nord brand. The vessel will be built by the Turkish Sefine Shipyard.

To be named HEILHORN, the new Multi-Maritime-designed vessel will have a similar capacity as HORNSTIND. Expected in 2020.

Torghatten Gets New Ferry Contracts

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Torghatten Trafikkselskap has won ferry contracts in Nordland, Norway, worth over NOK 400 million.The three-year contracts concern the ferry connections Vennesund-Holm, Horn-Andalsvåg, Horn-Igerøy and Igerøy-Tjøtta. Torghatten is going to order a new ferry and rebuild TORGHATTEN, the existing ferry. Both will be diesel-electric hybrid, although this was not a tender requirement.
Who is going to build the new vessel has not been decided yet.

Source: Skipsrevyen (in Norwegian)

Photo: LMG Marin

Torghatten is ready for the new concessions and the new ferries

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Torghatten, the Norwegian group with ferry, bus and air transport (Widerœ) has published the 2017 report.
January 2017 was the start of a new 10-year licensing period for the Horten – Moss route. Traffic development has been good, and all three new ferries have worked without major operational interruptions.
In Helgeland, a new plug-in hybrid ferry was delivered for the Tjøtta – Forvik route.
The group has won two major contracts, which start on 1 January 2019.
These are the ferry connections Halhjem – Sandvikvåg (E39, Hordaland) and Flakk – Rørvik (Trøndelag). Torhatten has 7 ferries under construction for these connections.
Torghatten also signed a contract for the continuation of the operations on Bognes -Scarberget and Drag – Kjøpsvik for the period 2018 to 2021. Here the ferries are upgraded to plug-in hybrid systems.

Key figures for the 2017 (2016) results, including air, ferry and buses:
Revenue NOK 9,740 million (9,386)
EBITDA NOK 1,314 million (1,345)
EBIT NOK 625 million (733)
Result before tax (EBT) 558 million (590)
Result after tax 468 million (448)

Five ferries are built in Turkey, with a gas-electric propulsion plant including a battery pack, and two are being built in Norway, also with gas-electric proplusion.