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Grimaldi, GNV And Tirrenia Competing For The New Ropax Terminal In Civitavecchia

The president of the Civitavecchia port authority, Francesco Maria di Majo, recently confirmed that a public tender is expected to be launched soon, in order to put on the market the new Darsena Traghetti terminal. Three industry players expressed their interest.

Ferry Shipping News understood from sources familiar with the matter that the three companies soon to bid for the new infrastructure are Grimaldi Group, MSC-controlled Grandi Navi Veloci, and Tirrenia, part of Moby group.

The Darsena Traghetti is a new terminal, currently still under construction. Once completed, the terminal will offer six 240m berths for ropax vessels.

The preferred bidder, according to what di Majo explained, will have to maximise not only passengers but also roro and automotive traffic in the port.


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Moby And Tirrenia Tickets Can Be Purchased With Telepass Pay

As from Monday 3 June, it will be possible to buy tickets for the routes operated by the companies Moby, Tirrenia and Toremar through the Telepass App, in the new “Ships and Ferries” section.

The cost of the trip will be charged on the Telepass Pay account.

The start of the passenger service is the first step in a technological journey that will also be extended to the freight sector.

Ferry AURELIA En Route From Tirrenia To MSC Group

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Ferry AURELIA En Route From Tirrenia To MSC Group

The veteran ferry AURELIA seems to have found a new owner. Several local sources suggest that the vessel, built 38 years ago in Italy at the Castellammare di Stabia shipyard, has just been sold by Tirrenia to a company somehow linked to the Gianluigi Aponte-controlled Mediterranean Shipping Company group.

AURELIA has been deployed for the last few years in charter to SNAV (ferry company also owned by Aponte) on the Ancona – Split route in the Adriatic Sea and is likely to keep on serving the same link in the near future. The vessel has already been reflagged (from Italy to Cyprus) and also the technical management should have been passed on to MSC Shipmanagement Ltd Cyprus.

AURELIA was firstly circulated on the market, searching for a potential buyer from Unitramp Shipbrokers of Italy in November, and the price may stand around € 5 million according to some sources. This ro-pax ferry has: 148 meters length, 25,4 meters beam, 2,280 passenger capacity and some 1,000 lane meters of garage.

Moby And Tirrenia Merger Approved By Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings

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The announced merger of the two Italian ferry companies Moby and Tirrenia received the green light from the company’s shareholders.

A statement published on the Luxembourg stock exchange’s website, the group controlled by Vincenzo Onorato says:

“Extraordinary Shareholders’ meetings of Moby S.p.A. (Moby) and of its wholly-owned subsidiary Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione S.p.A. (CIN), both held on 17 October 2018, have passed resolutions approving the reverse-merger project which provides for the merger of Moby into CIN. The reverse merger will be effective as from the date in which the last filing pursuant to Article 2504 of the Italian Civil Code will be made or from any other date stated in the deed of merger.”

The headquarters of the group is expected to be moved back from Milan to Cagliari, in Sardinia.

Tirrenia Puts Up For Sale The Veteran Ferry AURELIA

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Few days after revealing the attempt to sell and charter back three modern ferries (SHARDEN, BITHIA and JANAS) with a Japanese financial partner, Mauro Pili, former president of the Sardinia region, informed the general public that Tirrenia decided to put up for sale the aged ferry AURELIA.

The vessel is currently chartered out to SNAV and deployed on the Ancona-Split.

Mauro Pili posted a copy of the email circulated on the market by the Naples-based shipbroker Unitramp in which all the technical details of the ship are reported.

Tirrenia Negotiating A Sale And Charter Back For Three Ferries, According To Sardinia Region’s Former President Mauro Pili

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Tirrenia is reported to be in negotiation with a Japanese counterpart, for a sale and charter back deal regarding its three most modern ferries SHARDEN, BITHIA and JANA.

Source: Mauro Pili, Sardinia region’s former president, in a post on Facebook.

Mauro Pili also said that the price for the three vessels should be €210m. However, he opposed the sale, since they are part of the public service contract for Sardinia, signed by Tirrenia with the Italian state.

Tirrenia immediately sued Mauro Pili, seeking compensatory damages totalling €210m for slander.

In order to defend the company’s reputation, as for the sale of the three ferries, Vincenzo Onorato’s group repeated what was communicated to investor relations one year ago. After Debtwire reported that Moby was considering options to sale and leaseback four vessels with a US institutional investment fund, the Italian ferry group said a in a statement: “It’s part of the ordinary course of Moby’s business to analyze, consider and implement the sale or acquisition of vessels. In this context, we are periodically in discussion with third parties with respect to such transactions. We publicly announce and comment on material transactions for the sale and acquisitions of vessels when we enter into definitive and binding agreements”.

Photo and words by Nicola Capuzzo


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Italian Anti-trust authority says two ferry companies hindered competition

Italian Anti-Trust Authority has fined two Onorato Group companies, Moby and Tirrenia, for abusing their dominant position in Sardinia, writes Infomarine.net.
The investigation followed a complaint filed by Trans-Isole, Grimaldi, Grendi and Lucianu.