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Stena AB Interim Report H1

Ferry & Ro-Ro highlights:

Ferry Operations

EBITDA increased compared to last year mainly due to continued positive volumes for cars (3%) and passengers (1%).

Shipping (Ro-Ro)

Strong contract coverage and utilization rate across the Ro-Ro fleet, offset by lower charter income as a result of vessels sold in 2018.

Irish Continental Group Reports H1

Key figures for the first 6 months (Group)

  • +6.1% Revenue
  • +14.9% EBITDA (pre non-trading items)
  • -12.0% EBIT (including non-trading items)

Key figures for the first 6 months (Ferries)

  • +1.5%  Revenue
  • +4.8%  EBITDA
  • -20.3% EBIT (including non-trading items)


  • -5.7% cars
  • +7.3% ro-ro freight

Stena AB’s ‘Restricted Group Data As Of December 31, 2018’

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Ferry Operations

  • In December 2018 it was decided to close the route between Gdynia and Nynäshamn as from 1 January 2019.
  • As from September 2018 all technical and manning of all vessels within the Stena Line fleet is handled within Stena Line and the previous cooperation with Northern Marine has been resolved.
  • During 2018, a number of tonnage changes have been done throughout the whole fleet to prepare for the future and adapt to the customer needs.
  • +8.7% Revenue (ferry only)

Stena RoRo

  • In 2018, Stena RoRo sold STENA CARRIER and STENA FREIGHTER.
  • In 2018, Stena RoRo exercised four options at AVIC Weihai Shipyard. The company is now managing the construction of eight RoPax vessels ordered from the shipyard in China.

Stena AB highlights (in MSEK)

  • Revenue 21,824 (22,127)
  • Operational profit -2,340 (-869)
  • Profit before tax -3,372 (-2,062)
  • Profit for year -3,124 (-2,396)


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Ferries And Ro-Ro Ships Are Strong Elements In Stena AB’s Q1

Stena AB has experienced a positive Q1 for the ferry division, and for the shipping division.
Ferry operations: EBITDA, excluding net gain on sale of assets, increased compared to last year due to continued positive volumes for cars (+7%), passengers (+6%) and freight (+3%).
Shipping: strong contract coverage and utilisation rate across the ro-ro fleet.

Annual Report Stena AB And Significant Events Of 2017

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Stena AB published a PDF with “Restricted Group Data as of December 31, 2017.”

Ferry Shipping News selected the ferry and ro-ro items for your convenience.

  • In March 2017, Stena Line GmbH acquired the chartered ro-pax MECKLENBURG VORPOMMERN from Postbank Leasing GmbH, and the vessel was sold on to Havgalleskären AB on the same day. The new owner, Havgalleskären AB, is chartering back the vessel to Stena Line GmbH on a five-year bareboat charter.
  • In October 2017, Stena Line has started a new route between Poland to Sweden, Gdynia-Nynäshamn.
  • In December 2017, the already chartered vessels STENA SUPERFAST VII and STENA SUPERFAST VIII were acquired from Tallink AS. The vessels will continue to operate on the Irish Sea.
  • In September 2017, Stena RoRo sold the ro-pax vessels NAPOLES and SICILA.
  • In November, 2017 Stena RoRo acquired the ferry HAMMERODDE from Danske Faerger.Stena AB’s (all activities of the group, including ferries and shipping) annual report can be consulted here below, by clicking on the pictures.

Stena Joins A Unique Cooperation For Climate Smart Transport

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Electromobility for Shipping is the name of a new collaboration between six actors with the aim to increase the electrification of shipping.

It is the Swedish Shipowners´ Association, ABB Sweden AB, ABB Marine Oy, Stena AB, the research institute RISE and the battery company Northvolt who have decided to collaborate for a more sustainable future within shipping.

The organisations will jointly contribute to climate-smart shipping, international competitiveness and increased export opportunities for green technologies.