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Back To The Early Days Of Ro-Ro

One of our faithful readers shared this video link from the early days of the ro-ro ferries. The British Transport Film “Ferry Load” tells the story of the cross-channel vehicle ferry service from Tilbury to Antwerp on BARDIC FERRY.

Archive footage shows the beginning of transport ferries for civilian use in 1947 using tank landing craft EMPIRE CEDRIC from Preston to Larne, Northern Ireland.

No Ferry Service Between Moerdijk And Ipswich

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It doesn’t come as a surprise. Last week Ferry Shipping News carefully wrote something about a potential ro-ro service between Moerdijk (Rotterdam) and Ipswich.

Now the company “apologises for any confusion,” on its website.

“The journey route planned for Moerdijk to Ipswich region was only ever a provisional option, designed to engage with industry professionals to determine the interest in a Holland/Belgium to East Anglia route during a period immediately after a ‘no deal’ Brexit.”