AS Tallink Grupp Statistics For June 2018 And Q2

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In June 2018 AS Tallink Grupp transported 989,445 passengers (+1.4%). The number of cargo units increased by 5.2% to 32,450 units and the number of passenger vehicles decreased by 0.4% to 122,921 units.

In Q2 AS Tallink Grupp transported 2,631,326 passengers (+1.7%). The number of transported cargo units increased by 10.1% to 101,072 units and the number of passenger vehicles increased by 0.5% to 311,340 units.

Highlights From The BC Ferries Annual Report

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BC Ferries published its annual report for the fiscal year 2018, which ends on 31 March 2018.

  • BC Ferries released its year-end results with consolidated net earnings of $59.9 million for fiscal 2018.
  • Highest passenger traffic levels in 20 years and the highest levels of vehicle traffic ever.
  • Focus on fare affordability. No increases to vehicle and passenger fares across almost all routes.
  • By the start of fiscal 2019 (April 1, 2018), the fares on almost all routes were reduced by 15%.
  • Due to current world fuel market conditions, the company will remove the fuel rebates currently in place on June 27, 2018.
  • BC Ferries provided over 174,000 sailings, 2,962 more round trips than required under the Coastal Ferry Services Contract and 1,190 more round trips compared to the prior year.

Clipper Group Annual Report: Danske Færger A/S

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Despite the positive commercial development of Danske Færger A/S, a 50/50 Joint venture with the Danish State, the operating result decreased in 2017. The main reason for the decrease is extraordinary reservations for closing the

Bornholm routes in August 2018.

  • Net result of DKK 124 million (DKK 44 million).
  • Passengers 4,465 million passengers (+4.3%) and 1,195 million cars (+6.3%)
  • The result is positively affected by the sale of HAMMERODDE to Stena RoRo during 2017.

With the closing of the Bornholm Routes in August 2018, Danske Færger A/S is expected to have a still positive result ranging around DKK 50 million in 2018.

Competition On Finland – Sweden Is Tough (Part 2)

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In its Q1 Business Review Viking Line describes the competition as tough. This will imply continued pressure on prices and volumes.
The company also expects higher bunker prices, and sees the exchange rate trend for the Swedish krona as a risk factor.

  • Consolidated sales €100.3 million (101.1 million)
  • Operating income €-13.5 million (-17.7 million)
  • Consolidated income before taxes €-16.1 million (-18.8 million)
  • Income after taxes €-12.9 million (-15.1 million)

Moby Triples Net Result

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Below are selected financial highlights for the fiscal year 2017 of Moby S.p.A., based on the Group’s audited, consolidated financial statements:

  • Revenues: EUR 586m, up 9%
  • EBITDA: EUR 131.8m, up 13.3%
  • Net result EUR 24.5m, tripled from EUR 7.7m
  • Total net financial debt: EUR 496.4m as of 31 December 2017


Traffic figures:

  • Passengers: 6.5 million
  • Freight: 7.5 million lane meters


The start-up of three new activities weighed on the balance sheet:

  • Cruise ferry in the Baltic Sea (Moby SPL)
  • A new connection from France to Corsica.
  • Further strengthening the motorways of the sea.

A Strong, Normal Year For Eckerö

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Ab Eckerö reached almost the same levels as in last year, which was a record year.
Operating profit was a strong €15.6 million (€19.0 million in 2016, which included €3.3 million from the sale of an asset).
Sales went down: € 233.2 million (€237.6 million)
Passengers went down because of the long docking of ro-pax ECKERÖ: 3.1 million pax
Freight 80,000 units, which is +18%
Challenges: the weakening of the Swedish krona and higher bunker prices.

Ferry Finance

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Full-year and Q4 results for Viking Line

Viking Line’s full-year results deteriorated slightly, but the 4th quarter operating income improved significantly.

Full year key figures:
Consolidated sales €522.7 million (+0.6%)
Operating income €10.0 million (down from €13.7 million).
Passenger-related revenue €476.4 million (+0.8%)
Cargo-related revenue €43.8 million (-1.1%)

Bunker expenses increased by 18.3%, mainly because of high-speed craft VIKING FSTR.

Cargo units went slightly down. Full year results 127,668 (131,918)
Cars went up. Full year results 762,253 (682,194)
Passengers went up. Full year results 6,881,149 (6,502,191).

Port of Göteborg sees ro-ro volumes increase for the third consecutive year

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From January to November, 543,000 ro-ro-units were handled in the port of Gothenburg, compared to 535,000 in 2016 in total. It is clear that 2017 will be the third straight year with increased ro-ro-volumes in the port of Gothenburg.
In Gothenburg, ro-ro traffic is the domain of the shipping companies CLdN, DFDS, Stena Line and SOL.

Photo: Port of Gothenburg