Norled Presents The World’s First Hydrogen Ferry Design

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At the end of February, Norled revealed the first visuals of the hydrogen-powered ferry, designed by LMG Marin, and with contributions from fellow cluster partners Westcon Power & Automation and Prototech.

  • Topside location of the hydrogen tanks and system. In case of a leakage, gas will emit into fresh air. This was the best solution for a no-risk system.
  • The port of Hjelmeland will have a storage and filling system for liquid hydrogen. Every third week the vessel will be fuelled with four tonnes of hydrogen.
  • As from 2023 locally produced, green hydrogen will be available.
  • Shipyard to be selected in March.
  • Two ships for route Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavik. Both all-electric, one with hydrogen fuel cells for 50% of power.

Norled Will Have The World’s First Hydrogen-Electric Ferry

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The world’s first hydrogen (H2)-electric ferry will be constructed by Norled. The Norwegian company won the tender for the development, construction and operation contract, issued by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

The development contract was won in fierce competition with Fjord 1 and Boreal. The requirement was that at least 50 per cent of the energy is covered by hydrogen.

  • Design from LMG Marin
  • 80 cars, 299 pax
  • Route Hjelmeland – Skipavik – Nesvik
  • In operation 2021

The picture below shows Ingvald Løyning (CEO norled, on the left) and Terje Moe Gustavsen (Director, Norwegian Public Roads Administration).

David Macbrayne Group Ltd Appoints New Group CEO

The Board of David MacBrayne Limited has announced on 15 January the appointment of a new Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr Duncan Mackison. He will start on 1 March 2019.

Dunan Mackison is a former Royal Marine Commando Officer and, more recently, was Managing Director of Serco Defence, where he had responsibility for managing aviation and maritime contracts for the Ministry of Defence.

Mr David McGibbon, Chairman of David MacBrayne said, “Looking ahead, the Group faces many challenges. We will continue to deliver ferry services to the Clyde and Hebrides through our subsidiary company, CalMac Ferries Limited. In addition, we will also be addressing the forthcoming tender process for the new contract to deliver ferry services to the Orkney and Shetland Islands, a process which has already begun.”

Norled To Operate A Hydrogen-Powered Ferry In 2021

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Norled won the competition to operate a hydrogen ferry that will serve the route Hjelmeland-Nesvik-Skipavik in Rogaland, Norway.

As with the battery-operated AMPERE, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has designed the tender as a ‘development contract’.

At least 50% of the propulsion power must be from hydrogen. The remaining energy must come from batteries. Today, no comparable hydrogen powered vessels are in operation.

The contract period lasts for 10 years and runs from 15 April 2021 to 28 February 2031.

LMG Marin is Norled’s partner in designing this ferry.

Norled Confirms Vessel No. 3 And 4 Of LMG 120-DEH Design

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On 1 August 2018 Norled has announced the contract for the construction of two Double Ended Diesel Electric Hybrid ferries based on the LMG 120-DEH design to be built at Remontowa Shipyard. These two sister ships comes in addition to the two first units for which the shipbuilding contract was signed in July.

These two sister ships will operate on the Mannheller-Fodnes route and, as compared to the two first ones intended for the Festøya-Solavågen connection, will feature two modifications. Since the Mannheller-Fodnes route is shorter, the capacity of the battery pack will be reduced by approx. 20%. At the same time, the vessels will be certified to carry more passengers with the maximum being 395 persons.

Two Double-Ended LMG-Designed Hybrid Ferries To Be Built At Remontowa For Norled

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LMG Marin has been awarded the design of two battery-plug-in ferries for the Festøya-Solavågen connection (Ålesund), operated by Norled. The contract with Remontowa Shipyard and Norled was signed on 11 July.

The new ferries will be equipped with an innovative Diesel Electric Hybrid system.

  • Normal operation: entire required power comes from battery packs.
  • Batteries to be recharged via pantograph from the land grid, in 11 minutes.
  • Shore charging system to be integrated with an automatic mooring system.
  • In case of emergency: generating sets running on 100% Biodiesel.

The LMG 120-DEH design is also characterized by an innovative vehicle deck and accommodation arrangement: the passenger lounge is below the car deck.