CRUISE ROMA Lengthening Completed At Fincantieri Shipyard In Palermo

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Grimaldi’s CRUISE ROMA lengthening project was successfully completed in the port of Palermo by Fincantieri.

Some pictures posted by the Naples-based group shows the 2007-built vessel in dry dock with her new final layout following the stretching works through which the hull had been extended by 29m.

The new ship section included 600 additional freight lane meters, together with 80 sleeping accommodations in new passenger cabins and two new public spaces.

“Zero emission in port” is now written on both the sides of the ferry. She has been fitted with a scrubber system, as well as a system to power the ship during the turnaround time in ports based on mega-lithium batteries.

Finnlines Grows With Its Customers

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Finnlines Plc published its financial review for the period January–December 2018. The Grimaldi Group company continues to perform well, with the result increasing by EUR 12.5 million to EUR 95.1 million.

Revenue also increased by 9.9% to EUR 589.4 million.

During Q4, the cargo volumes remained strong, increasing the revenue compared to last year from EUR 131.8 million to EUR 141.5 million. The result for October–December was EUR 19.7 (14.8) million.

In a statement, CEO Emanuele Grimaldi confirmed the success of the strategy:

  • Growing together with the customers
  • Investments in sustainable development
  • Deploy larger vessels in both the ro-pax and ro-ro segments, creating economies of scale
  • Route and vessel optimisation

What does the future bring?

  • In April 2018, Finnlines ordered three new green 5,800-lane-metre ro-ro vessels.
  • Finnlines is currently developing a new ro-pax class concept, the “Superstar” ro-pax


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Agreement Between Telespazio And Grimaldi For Satellite Communication Services

European spaceflight services company Telespazio and Grimaldi Group announced they have signed two contracts to strengthen the satellite communications capabilities of the Naples-based shipping group on its fleet of cargo and passenger ships.

Telespazio, a joint venture between Leonardo and Thales, said that the first agreement provides for managing on-board communications for ro-ro, multi-purpose and PCTC (Pure Car & Truck Carrier) vessels in the Grimaldi fleet that operate between Northern Europe, North and South America, West Africa, and the Mediterranean.

Telespazio will take care of the design and supply of on-board systems for satellite communications and related broadband services, including backup, on a multi-regional scale. These services will be provided via Telespazio’s global coverage platform operated by the Fucino Space Centre.

The second agreement covers renovating basic (voice and data) satellite telecommunication services for crew and passengers, on mixed cargo/passenger ships that the group currently operates in the Mediterranean, between Italy (including Sardinia and Sicily), Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco, and Malta.

The overall value of both agreements signed between Telespazio and the Grimaldi Group is about EUR 5 million.

Grimaldi’s CRUISE ROMA Lengthening Started At Fincantieri Shipyard In Palermo

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Everything is ready for the lengthening of Grimaldi’s ferry CRUISE ROMA in Palermo. “At the end of the lengthening project, to be carried out by Fincantieri’s ship repair and conversion, part of the Services division, the ship will be about 254m long, having a gross tonnage of about 63,000 and being able to transport 3,500 passengers, with a 3,000m2 car deck and over 3,700 lane meters for trucks” the Italian shipyard said.

Both CRUISE ROMA and the sister ship CRUISE BARCELONA, built by Fincantieri in 2007 and 2008 respectively, will be stretched by 29m. (this includes 600 additional freight lane meters, together with 80 sleeping accommodations in new passenger cabins and two new public spaces.

The ships will also be fitted with a scrubber system, as well as a system to power the ship during the turnaround time in ports, based on mega-lithium batteries.

Finnlines Surfing On The Waves Of A Thriving Finnish Economy

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Grimaldi Group has performed very strongly in the first half of 2018:

  • Revenue EUR 289.1 million (+11.5%)
  • Result EUR 42.3 million (+20%)
  • EBITDA EUR 78.3 million.
  • Cargo units 338,000
  • Passengers 304,000

Productivity has been improved with the lengthening programme, which is complete at the end of the year: six lengthened vessels = an extra 6,000 lane metres = equivalent of two vessels.

Emanuele Grimaldi Awarded As Commander Of The Order Of The Lion Of Finland

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During a short ceremony held on the 4th of July in Rome, Emanuele Grimaldi, Managing Director of the Grimaldi Group and President and CEO of the subsidiary company Finnlines, received the honor of Commander of the Order of the Lion of the Republic of Finland.

The Ambassador of Finland in Italy, Janne Taalas, declared that the award, conferred by the President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, is a recognition for the great commitment of Emanuele Grimaldi, through the company Finnlines, in developing maritime transport to and from Finland which is of great support to the economy.


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Grimaldi Orders Six Mega Ro-Ro Ships


The Grimaldi Group has signed an agreement for the building of six “GG5G” ro-ro vessels, for a total investment worth over USD 400 million.

  • Shipyard: Jinling, China
  • Design: Grimaldi Group and Knud E. Hansen
  • Length 238m
  • Gross tonnage 64,000
  • Lane meters 7,800 (500 trailers)
  • Hybrid: fossil fuel at sea and mega lithium batteries for use in port. Batteries will be recharged at sea through shaft generators and solar panels.
  • Hull: Air lubrication
  • Scrubber
  • Three vessels for Grimaldi Lines in the Mediterranean.
  • Three ice-class vessels for Finnlines in the Baltic.
  • Delivery as from 2020.

The Mediterranean Reshuffle And Consolidation Continues As Expected, Almost

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Last week has seen a series of decisions being taken, which all impact the Mediterranean ferry scene. An overview:

  • Caronte & Tourist have announced that the “New TTT Lines” Naples – Catania service has been closed on April 23.
  • New TTT Lines operated two Visentini ro-pax ferries, the FLORENCIA, on charter from Grimaldi, and the CARTOUR GAMMA. Grimaldi has now acquired the CARTOUR GAMMA, and will put her together with the FLORENCIA on the route from Brindisi to Greece (Igoumenitsa and Patras).
  • The New TTT Line seafarers who lost their jobs have been protesting against the closure. Grimaldi obviously needs crew for the routes to Greece, but not all are prepared to switch from Naples to the Adriatic side. At an event organized in Sorrento Emanuele Grimaldi said he would need up to 1,000 seafarers extra for all his upcoming ships.
  • Grimaldi has transferred the EUROFERRY EGNAZIA and EUROFERRY OLYMPIA from the Adriatic to run between Salerno (instead of Naples) and Catania.
  • Grimaldi asked the Naples Port Authority for a concession for a dock. As long as this concession is not granted Grimaldi will operate from Salerno.


  • The Greek antitrust authority has given the green light to Attica to acquire Grimaldi Group’s 53% stake in Hellenic Seaways for EUR 78.5 million. See Attica’s press release on April 26.
  • Part of the Hellenic Seaways deal is the transfer of two ferries from Attica to the Grimaldi Group: SUPERFAST XII will go to Grimaldi (EUR 74.5m), and HIGHSPEED 7 will be integrated in the fleet of Minoan Lines (EUR 25m).

“No Marebonus for shipowners with old tonnage”

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According to, Mr Emanuele Grimaldi said that subsidies and incentives should not be given to companies operating ferries of 40, 50 years old. He said that at a Short Sea Shipping convention in Civitavecchia. The Italian Government has a plan named “Connect Italy”, where the aim is to invest up to €123 billion in more than 100 projects.
Mr Grimaldi said it was important and fair to look at ferry companies, which did invest a lot in environmental-friendly ships.

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