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DFDS’ Biggest Ro-Ro Ferry Ever Enters The Fleet

On 31 January Henrik Tidblad, Director of Fleet Management DFDS, concluded that the necessary documents had been exchanged and that the Jinling yard had safely received payment.

This means the first of six 6,700 lane metre ferries is soon ready to be deployed on the Turkey-Trieste route.

DFDS still has to announce her official name.

The entry of the first vessel in service will most probably create reshuffles on other routes.

On the picture: the entire DFDS team that handled the delivery. Front row, second from the left: Henrik Tidblad, Jesper Aagesen, Jens-Peter Baltsersen and Ole Færge. (source and photo DFDS News)

The DFDS Shipping Division Is Now Called The Ferry Division

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Peder Gellert, DFDS Executive Vice President and Head of the Ferry Division, announced that it has been decided to change the name of the Shipping Division to the Ferry Division.

“It is difficult for people who do not know our industry well to understand the nature of our business more precisely if we are described by the general term ‘shipping’. It will emphasise our important role for travel and trade and even for nations, such as when the UK government relies on our network to ensure the supply of critical goods in case of a no-deal Brexit.”

“However, it makes no sense to use the name Ferry Division unless we refer to our ships as ferries. This means that we will now start using the term ferry for our ships.

In the Ferry Division, we operate ferries: freight ferries, cruise ferries and, passenger and freight ferries.”

Adopting the name will be a gradual process.


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DFDS Reached New All-Time High Result In 2018

DFDS can look back on a very strong 2018 and growth is set to continue in 2019 on the back of the recent expansion of U.N. RoRo in the Mediterranean.

The company will shortly introduce the first of the Chinese freight ferries. The expanded capacity will support their customers’ growth.

DFDS is also feeling confident being ready for their customers with whatever the Brexit outcome will be.

+13% Q4 revenue DKK 4.0bn

+20% Q4 EBITDA DKK 688m

+10% Full-year revenue DKK 15.7bn

+11% Full-year EBITDA DKK 3.0bn


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Cross-Channel Firms Challenge UK Brexit Ferry Decisions

The CEOs of Eurotunnel and Port of Calais have objected to the emergency contracts awarded by the UK government to Brittany Ferries, DFDS and Seaborne Freight to provide additional ro-ro capacity in the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, threatening to take legal action.

DFDS Expands Cooperation With Turkish Ekol Logistics

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DFDS and Ekol Logistics, a leading Turkish transport company in the market between Turkey and Europe, have agreed just before Christmas to significantly expand their cooperation.

The agreement covers sea transport of trailers between Istanbul and Trieste. DFDS expects it to increase volumes of freight units in the Mediterranean by almost 30 %.

To accommodate those extra volumes, DFDS will:

1) expand terminal capacities. DFDS has signed a contract for the use of a recently built ro-ro terminal in Yalova, southeast of Istanbul.

2) increase ships capacity by adding more tonnage. This means the two new 450-trailer freight ferries will not be put on Ghent-Gothenburg, but on the Med route.

The recently delivered ro-ro ALF POLLAK has been put on the former U.N. Ro-Ro line too, chartered by DFDS instead of the previously announced CLdN.

Since the acquisition of U.N. Ro-Ro in 2018, DFDS has already invested in the lengthening of ships

New Silk Road: Closing The Gap To Great Britain Via Cuxhaven

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China’s mega project, the New Silk Road, is to intensify international trade between Asia and Europe in the long term through a stronger infrastructure. The project also offers new opportunities for the Port of Cuxhaven. Due to the increasing demand in the United Kingdom for goods from China, DFDS has now established the last link of the transport chain between Great Britain and China via Cuxhaven. DFDS organises and carries out the onward road transport to the Cuxport terminal of goods arriving from China in Hamburg by rail, as well as the following sea transport from Cuxhaven to Immingham.


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DFDS Extends Vlaardingen Terminal By 92,000 m2           

650 trailers. This is the extra number of trailers, which DFDS will be able to accommodate at the Vlaardingen terminal when it adds the recently acquired Rotterdam Bulk Terminal’s 92,000 m2 to the current space.

The acquisition has been negotiated since 2016 and became reality on Monday 12 November when SVP Kell Robdrup signed the contract that moves the ownership to DFDS.

The work to remove the current structures and buildings have started and the terminal expects to starts using a part of the new area in April 2019. The rest will be taken in use during May 2020.

Photo below: Kell Robdrup and Hans Nagtegaal (Director Containers Port of Rotterdam) sign the sale and purchase agreement.