In Marseille, Corsica Linea Is Creating More Terminal Capacity

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Last year, Corsica Linea transported 1.2 million lane metres of freight. This growth means a shortage of space in the port of Marseille.

Works are being undertaken to increase the terminal capacity, and to make the link between ship and shore more efficient for the movement of unaccompanied ro-ro freight.

Parking space will go up from 202 lorries to 272.


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Corsica Linea Tests New Ferry Route

Corsica Linea has been testing a ferry route between Ajaccio (Corsica) and Porto Torres (Sardinia), with ro-pax JEAN NICOLI.
In three days 1,500 Corsican passengers decided to take the opportunity to visit their Italian neighbours.
The test was for passengers only, but there could be a market for freight. At least in one direction. Apparently Sardinian building materials are being exported to Corsica.

Look at the France Info video on YouTube (in French)(Time 1:45)

Corsica Linea needs more capacity

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Pascal Trojani, leading Corsica Linea, said to Corse-Matin that he is a happy man after a successful year. The summer season has been good, not only for passengers but especially for freight. He says the company has a market share of 60% for the freight coming from and going to Corsica.
The challenge is now the saturation of the vessels. “We need to think about enlarging our capacity. We would like to have a new vessel in two years. We might first need to go on the secondhand market but the ultimate goal is a newbuilt ro-pax with LNG as fuel.”
Corsica Linea has been created by 130 local transport companies, from which 14 companies own 95% of the shares.

Photo: ©Mike Louagie

More Corsica for Moby Line

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Next year Moby Line will have more ferries on the Corsica routes. From the ports of Nice, Genoa and Livorno, up to five ro-pax ferries will be used to connect mainland France and Italy with Corsica. MOBY VINCENT, MOBY CORSE and MOBY ZAZA are regular visitors of Bastia. Next year MOBY KISS and MOBY NIKI will join them.
Genoa-Bastia and Livorno-Bastia lines are seasonal routes from March till September, with four departures per day.
Nice-Bastia has four weekly departures in low season, and daily departures from end of May till end of September.

Source: Ship2Shore – Photo: MOBY ZAZA © Mike Louagie