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Baleària to be First Shipping Line in the World with Bureau Veritas Covid-19 Certification

Baleària is working towards being the first shipping line in the world to obtain the Global Safe Site Covid-19 badge at the highest level (Excellence) from Bureau Veritas, certifying that its ships and the ferry terminals that it manages implement specific procedures, cleaning plans, organisational and personal protective measures to prevent Covid-19.

The carrier will also periodically be testing for the possible presence of the virus on surfaces in order to obtain the certificate at Excellence level.


This certificate will guarantee that Baleària goes beyond the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation, conducting more complete, reinforced procedures beyond those indicated by said authorities in terms of safety and cleaning. Certification will cover 16 of the company’s ships (the 12 currently in operation and an additional 4 expected to enter service when the current restrictions on passenger travel are lifted), as well as the two ferry terminals that it manages directly (Dénia and Valencia). Certification is expected to be issued in early June, and will be renewed every 6 months with periodic inspections.


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Space Charter Agreement between Trasmediterranea and Balearia for Ceuta Route

The ferry PASSIÓ PER FORMENTERA is the only ship that transports cargo between Spain and Ceuta, since Tuesday, April 21.

A space charter agreement between Baleària and Trasmediterránea leaves only one single ship on the Ceuta route.

The article says that this arrangement does not comply with the terms of the public service contract.


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Thank you to all the companies and subscribers that have provided us with information regarding the impact of the virus crisis.

We have produced this overview. As things change fast, we cannot guarantee that the information is up to date. Please check the respective websites.


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Balearia can no longer take passenger on their ferries. All National and International Commercial flights and ships have been banned from the Balearic Islands and passengers will not be allowed to disembark from planes or ferries.

The Moroccan government has decided to suspend its communications with Spain until further notice. Balearia is suspending passenger service departures for the Algeciras – Tangiers Med. and Almería – Nador routes until the current situation returns to normal. However, the route will continue operating for freight transport in order to ensure supply for the region.

Baleària Tests High-Speed LNG Bunkering

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For the first time, Baleària carried out an LNG Multi-Truck-To-Ship (MTTS) bunkering, at a speed almost six times higher than the usual average.

Three tank trucks operated simultaneously to supply LNG to ropax Marie Curie, which started to operate for the joint Baleària and Fred.Olsen Express service on the Huelva – Canary route. The operation was done in the Port of Huelva.

The manufacturer of gas storage and transport systems CMC Cerezuela has developed a system that prevents flow losses and allows a high supply speed.

The peak bunkering speed was 2,800 l / min (168 m3 / h). The goal is to reach 3,000 l / min (180 m3 / h).

Fred. Olsen Express And Baleària Introduce Newbuilding On The Joint Canary Islands – Huelva Route

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Fred Olsen Express and Baleària celebrate one year on the route between the Canary Islands and Huelva with the incorporation, on November 17, of LNG-powered RoPax MARIE CURIE. This Visentini-built ferry was delivered last July.

During the first year of the joint venture, 155 crossings have been performed, increasing the links between the Canary Islands and the Peninsula by 73%.

During Summer, Baleària Puts One LNG-powered Ferry And One Re-Engined Ferry On the Menorca Route

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On 6 July, LNG-powered, 2,194 lane metre ro-pax HYPATIA DE ALEJANDRÍA did a docking test in the port of Ciutadella, using the newly built ROLON PLATA II port tug, recently acquired from Damen Shipyards.

The HYPATIA DE ALEJANDRÍA connects Barcelona with Menorca, with a stopover in Alcúdia (Northeast side of Mallorca)

This Visentini-built vessel is part of Baleària’s investment of EUR 362 million in a new generation of vessels that combine energy efficiency (thanks to LNG propulsion) with digitalization (“smart ships”). By the end of 2021 Baleària will have 9 vessels powered by LNG.

In addition, since 4 July Baleària has reinforced the route between Barcelona and Ciutadella with JAUME III, a high-speed ferry that recently got new engines. This has allowed to improve its speed and energy efficiency. Money has also been invested in the digitalisation.

JAUME III also sails on Barcelona – Ciutadella, with a stop in Alcúdia

Baleària Adds Summer Capacity On Almeria-Nador

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On 7 July, Baleària added a second ferry to the route between Almería and Nador. It is the 2008-built MARTIN I SOLER.
Until September 15, Baleària will offer between two and three daily connections from each port, with the MARTÍN I SOLER and DUBA BRIDGE.
The daily offer of seats will be 50% higher compared to the days with the maximum demand of the OPE 2018 (Operation Paso del Estrecho).

It is the third summer that Baleària operates this route, and the first that it does with two ships.

Next year MARTIN I SOLER will be remotorised with LNG as fuel.

Next year MARTIN I SOLER will be remotorised with LNG as fuel.


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Baleària Sees Important Growth On North-Africa Routes

+11% passengers: 4,320,000

+17% vehicles: 1,209,000

+5% turnover: €381,400,000

-14% EBITDA: €70,300,000

-37% net profit: €27,400,000

  • 22% of Baleària passengers = foreign market. On these international lines, passenger growth was 26% while sales exceeded 84 million euros (16% more). Half of the group’s passengers (2,277,000) travelled the lines connecting the Iberian Peninsula to northern Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Ceuta and Melilla); thus, northern Africa is the area where the company is growing the most.
  • 50% of business is cargo, with a growth of 3.3% (5,800,000 lane metres of goods carried).
  • Reasons for drop in EBITDA and net profit are the high cost of the implementation of the new routes on the Alboran Sea and around the Canary Islands, along with the increased bunker price.
  • Trend expected to remain steady this financial year while new traffic routes are consolidated and the planned ship engine refittings are completed as they are currently inactive.


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Balearia Presents Its New Fast Ferry On YouTube

A short movie has been made to present the new 123 m Balearia’catamaran ELEANOR ROOSEVELT, currently under construction in Spain at the Armon shipyard, after an Incat Crowther design.