January 18, 2018

The annual docking of DELFT SEAWAYS, DUNKERQUE SEAWAYS AND DOVER SEAWAYS includes replacement of their nine tonnes heavy main bow door hinge arms as well as completion of main engine gearbox overhaul.
Each ‘D’ ship will spend 10 days in dock.
The ‘C’ vessels COTE DES DUNES and COTE DES FLANDRES will follow. Their main propeller blades will be changed to a new design to match the vessels’ scheduled service speed and give a significant reduction in fuel consumption.
CALAIS SEAWAYS will go as last ship, for routine work and main engine overhaul.
In the commercial passenger areas, new tills and shop display units are being fitted on all vessels and for freight customers, completely refurbished shower facilities will be fitted on four vessels.

Source: DFDS Technical Organisation – Photo: DFDS