Poole Harbour desperately needs a better connection with the M4 motorway

By 26 October 20172017 Newsletter week 43

Some Councils from the Dorset area in the South of England, which includes Poole and its harbour, have published a study, ‘South of England North-South Connectivity Prospectus.’

The authors of the study ask the ministers to include improved connections between the west of England and the north and southwest in the government’s next road investment strategy. According to the study there are not enough suitable connections between north and south in the strategic network covering large parts of southern England.

Before reaching the M4 motorway, trucks leaving the ferry in Poole need at least a two-hour drive, via the A350. Because of the congestion on this road, and on the A338, a large number of trucks are delayed.

The delays harm the local economy, say the authors of the study.

Source: Bournemouth Echo