January 18, 2018

From an interview with Pierre Mattei in Corse Matin (in French) we highlight the following topics, which we think are relevant.

  • Corsica Ferries started 50 years ago in May 2018, with the route Livorno-Bastia.
  • 6% growth in passengers (3.8 million) in 2017.
  • In December the management acquired 100% of the shares.
  • New route from Toulon to the Balearic Islands starting April 21 is a testimony to Corsica Ferries’ flexibility and optimisation of the fleet. Quote: “Market analyses can never beat real experience.”
  • Corsica Ferries is still waiting for the €85 million, attributed by the Administrative Tribunal of Bastia in connection to the Public Service Delegation of 2007/2013.
  • New for this summer will be the possibility for guests to chose their cabin.
  • Quote (regarding the Public Service) “Too often the question is about WHO is going to operate a public service route, rather than asking questions about the public service itself.”
  • What is a fair system? “A system which allows fair competition between the different operators, and which doesn’t hinder the development of other routes.”
  • Is public money a necessity? “Yes, if the loss of income (off-season..) is proven.” Politicians have to decide which routes are vital, and which aren’t.

Photo: Mike Louagie