February 15, 2018

Full-year and Q4 results for Viking Line

Viking Line’s full-year results deteriorated slightly, but the 4th quarter operating income improved significantly.

Full year key figures:
Consolidated sales €522.7 million (+0.6%)
Operating income €10.0 million (down from €13.7 million).
Passenger-related revenue €476.4 million (+0.8%)
Cargo-related revenue €43.8 million (-1.1%)

Bunker expenses increased by 18.3%, mainly because of high-speed craft VIKING FSTR.

Cargo units went slightly down. Full year results 127,668 (131,918)
Cars went up. Full year results 762,253 (682,194)
Passengers went up. Full year results 6,881,149 (6,502,191).