September 27, 2018

News website Jydske Vestkyste quoted a lawyer, saying that the EU verdict about the appeal of HH Ferries could threaten the construction of the Fehmarn tunnel between Germany and Denmark.

In simple words, what is it about?

  • HH Ferries have submitted complaints to the EU Commission claiming that the Danish/Swedish guarantee on the Consortium loans are illegal according to the State Aid rules.
  • In October 2015 the Commission decided against HH Ferries.
  • The decision by the Commission was brought by the EU General Court with the Danish and Swedish states as interveners.
  • The General Court has now reached a decision. Via below link the 60-page document can be downloaded.

In a reaction to the article, the communication manager of the Fehmarn tunnel replied, saying that the Court’s verdict says nothing about the state guarantee model being illegal. The decision merely states that the Commission has not followed all the procedures.

Download: Decision in case T-68/15, HH Ferries and others against the Commission regarding illegal state aid (60 pages)