GNV In Negotiation for a 25% Stake in Africa Morocco Link?

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The MSC-controlled ferry company Grandi Navi Veloci seems to be in advanced negotiation for taking a minority share in Africa Morocco Link.

The rumour was reported by several media both in Morocco and in Greece while the Genoa-headquartered company preferred not to comment on the issue upon request from Ferry Shipping News.

Africa Morocco Link operates between the ports of Tanger and Algeciras with a fleet of three ferries offering regulars sailings between the two sides of the Mediterranea sea.

As of today, the company founded in 2016 is jointly participated by the Moroccan BMCE Bank (51%) and the Greek group Attica (49%). According to what local media reported, BMCE bank should dismiss the AML’s majority share under its control before the end of the third year from the company foundation and that would be the reason why Grandi Navi Veloci was contacted as a potential investor.

Below a photo of LE RIF in AML colours, still in Genoa on 19 June.


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Tallink Grupp Connects First Two Vessels to Shore Power at Port of Stockholm

Tallink has this week started using shore power to provide electricity for two of its vessels, SILJA SERENADE and SILJA SYMPHONY, while they are alongside in port to reduce the environmental impact of the vessels and to minimise air pollution.

The group’s Tallinn-Stockholm route vessels BALTIC QUEEN and VICTORIA I have also been fitted with the shore power connection equipment and will start testing the equipment soon. The company’s other vessels visiting the Port of Stockholm will follow suite in 2020 and 2021.

The Port of Stockholm is currently one of the few ports in the Baltic Sea region to have shore power connection available.


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NGO ‘Robin Des Bois’ Sees a Drop in Ship Recycling in Q1

In its quarterly report, the NGO analyses the ship recycling.

This year is special, because of the European Regulation No 1257/2013 on ship recycling, which entered into force on 1 January 2019. It applies to ships flying the flag of a Member State which must now be scrapped in an approved yard. The number of approved yards increased from 26 to 34. Two Danish, five Norwegian and one Turkish yards have been added.

Following ferries have been scrapped (Hyperlink connects with Fakta Om Fartyg)



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DFDS: Collaboration With Volvo Trucks On Autonomous Transport Between Logistics Centre And Port Terminal

DFDS has entered into a collaboration with Volvo Trucks concerning their electric, connected and autonomous vehicle Vera.

The aim is to develop and test an integrated solution for transporting goods from a logistics centre to a port terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden, using Vera.

Facts about the Vera project:

  • The assignment is to move containers from a DFDS logistics centre in Gothenburg to an APM terminal in the port according to needed capacity.
  • The autonomous system is monitored by an operator in a control tower who is also responsible for the transport.
  • The solution is suited for repetitive flows with a maximum speed of 40 km/h.
  • Infrastructure adaptations are part of the scope in the implementation of the total transport system, including automated gates at the terminals.
  • Volvo Trucks and DFDS are main partners but several actors are involved in implementing Vera’s first assignment.
  • The initiative is carried out with support from the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Energy Agency through the Strategic vehicle research and innovation programme FFI.


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First-ever Ferry Services between Bulgaria and Turkey Launched

The first-ever maritime transportation between Turkey and Bulgaria was started Tuesday 18 June, as a ferry carried passengers from the Bulgarian city of Burgas to the northwestern Turkish province of Kırklareli. Fast ferry SINAN PASA was operated by Istanbul’s Sea Bus Operators (IDO).


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DFDS Is Testing A New Funnel Look

On ARK GERMANIA, the Maltese cross has been replaced by the letters DFDS and a light blue stripe.

Read here why

  • Crew of La Meridionale will go on strike on 21 June. They are concerned about the future of the company, after it failed to secure a public service delagation contarct for some routes to Corsica.
  • GALAXY has again arrived in the Gibraltar Strait for her summer charter to Inter Shipping.
  • Ferry AQUA JEWEL (Seajets), will replace the planned AZORES EXPRESS in Atlânticoline’s 2019 seasonal operation, joining the MEGA JET already in the Azores. The AZORES EXPRESS was not ready on the time defined by the contract.


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Sandefjord, Before the Arrival of COLOR HYBRID

As from end of July, the new COLOR HYBRID will operate on Sandefjord – Strömstad.

The oldest ferry, BOHUS will then be sold.

Here are some souvenir pictures of both BOHUS and COLOR VIKING.


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ForSea: The Present Is Electric

Last week I had the opportunity to do a couple of sailings on AURORA and TYCHO BRAHE, the two ferries from For Sea on Helsingborg – Helsingør.

These ferries were built in the 1990ies and are now mainly running on electricity. We did report about that before, for example with the previous interview with For Sea’s CEO Johan Röstin .

It was nice to see the operation with my own eyes, and I recommend anyone who has interest in environmental solutions to visit them.

I learned that on both sides of the crossing streets had to be broken up to bring the powerline to the ferry terminals. It was also interesting to know that the original diesel engines are still onboard and maintained. They can always take over if necessary.

Watch my little video on YouTube (0:45)