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Brittany Ferries Confirms Order For Second Stena E-Flexer

Brittany Ferries has confirmed it is going to have a second Stena E-Flex ro-pax, in order to meet increasing demand for travel on services from Britain to Spain (Santander and Bilbao).

The first ro-pax one is now expected in 2021.

Based in Portsmouth, they will follow the launch of Flensburg-built HONFLEUR in 2019, the first cross-channel ferry to be powered by LNG.

In the last ten years, the number of passengers travelling by ferry to Spain has grown by around 80%, to more than 331,000 (and 150,000 cars). By adding more freight capacity, the company is confident that it can also grow the 40,000 freight units it carries annually.

The interior design for the Brittany Ferries ships will be done in cooperation with an unconfirmed Spanish design office, with a “Green Spain” theme, linked to the destination.

The first vessel will be LNG-ready, the second LNG-powered.

Brittany Ferries explicitly confirmed the vessels will be flying the French flag, and will be manned by French crew. Recently the company was blamed for chartering a Cyprus-flagged vessel.

Stena did it again

The vessels are being chartered from Stena RoRo, with an option to buy after five years.

The investment is a typical Stena investment. In the past the Swedish shipping company has built several very successful series of ferries, which have been chartered out to other operators. A typical example is the series of ro-paxes built by Hyundai in the seventies.

Stena RoRo was able to secure building slots at the Avic Weihai shipyard in China, when the time was right to order.


Stena ordered four units, with an option for another four.

First 4:
3 units for Stena Line (Stena press release 5 April 2016)

1st unit for Brittany Ferries, 5-year bareboat charter with purchase option (Source: Brittany Ferries press release)

Two declared options:
DFDS, 10-year bareboat charter (Source: press release Stena)

2nd unit for Brittany Ferries, 5-year bareboat charter with purchase option (press release by email).

Two more options:

  • Some data for the Brittany Ferries units
  • Length 214.5m
  • Gross tonnage 42,400
  • Passengers 1,000
  • Cabins 300 for passengers and 36 for truck drivers
  • Lane meters 3,100


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Our policy is to avoid speculations and mistakes. Last week, by misinterpreting a French article I (mis)understood Port of Marseille has a new CEO. Wrong. Mrs Christine Cabau Woehrel, has been CEO since several years and she still is. Mea culpa!


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Higher Taxes Erode Fjord1’s First Quarter

In the first quarter Fjord1 had a total turnover of NOK 711 million, which is up compared to last year’s Q1 (NOK 628 million).
Earnings before taxes totalled 138.5 million, a slight increase. (NOK 133 million).
The result after tax is NOK 106.7 million, approximately 25 million less than last year, due to a higher tax bill.

Tallink Grupp To List Shares Also On Helsinki Stock Exchange

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AS Tallink Grupp has announced to the Tallinn Stock Exchange that it plans to undertake a secondary listing of the Company’s shares on the Nasdaq Helsinki Stock Exchange. The effective date for listing is estimated to be early autumn 2018.

Tallink Grupp’s shares will also continue to be listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.

“By listing shares on the Helsinki Stock Exchange we create additional opportunities for investors to make transactions with Tallink Grupp’s shares and enable people in Finland once again to contribute to the activities of the historic brand Silja Line as well as the wider Tallink Grupp,“ CEO Paavo Nõgene said.

HH Ferries Group Increased Its Share Of Car Traffic

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Scandlines Helsingborg-Helsingör made progress in Q1 in terms of transferred cars, ensuring the route an increased share of car traffic on the Öresund.
The expansion of ferry HAMLETs timetable from 1 December 2017 entailed greater capacity, which was almost fully utilized in Q1 already.

  • Cars 239,000 (235,000) + 2%
  • Trucks 111,000 (107,000) +4%
  • Passengers 1.29 million (1.28 million)

Competition On Finland – Sweden Is Tough (Part 1

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In its Q1 Interim Report, Tallink Grupp AS obviously experiences the same though competition as Viking Line, especially on the routes between Finland and Sweden. The competition has an influence on the ticket price.
The total number of passengers has declined 0,5%, only due to the decrease on Finland – Sweden (-9.9%). This route is also having lower figures for cargo (-15.6%) and cars (-16.3%). All other routes are seeing increases.

  • Revenue €184.2 million (€191.5 million) -3.9%
  • Gross profit €13.7 million (€14.09 million) -7.8%
  • EBITDA €4.2 million (€5.3 million) -20.3%

Competition On Finland – Sweden Is Tough (Part 2)

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In its Q1 Business Review Viking Line describes the competition as tough. This will imply continued pressure on prices and volumes.
The company also expects higher bunker prices, and sees the exchange rate trend for the Swedish krona as a risk factor.

  • Consolidated sales €100.3 million (101.1 million)
  • Operating income €-13.5 million (-17.7 million)
  • Consolidated income before taxes €-16.1 million (-18.8 million)
  • Income after taxes €-12.9 million (-15.1 million)


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Naviera Armas Can Go Ahead With The Acquisition Of Trasmediterranea

The National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) has authorized the acquisition of Trasmediterranea by Armas, although the latter will have to comply with a series of commitments.

According to the CNMC, the sale posed risks for monopoly. Therefore, Naviera Armas will have to accept the entry of the German company FRS on the Motril – Melilla route, and on the connection between Huelva and the Canary Islands (including the inter island services). These routes are now operated by Armas.

In October the Acciona group reached an agreement for the sale of its 92.7% stake in Trasmediterránea to Naviera Armas for €260.4 million.

Stena Line’s And TT-Line’s Joint Offer On The Route Rostock – Trelleborg Ends

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Stena Line decided to stop the cooperation with TT Line on the route Rostock – Trelleborg. The two companies worked together for two years on this route, under a swap agreement.
TT Line writes on its website that the cooperation will end on September 15.

The question is now who will bring in most capacity on this route. TT Line writes that, “by utilizing its six vessels to and from Rostock, TT-Line will be able to be more responsive to customer needs for quality and capacity.”

Photo: The lengthening of PETER PAN, seen here in Rostock, is still not finished, after some problems occurred during sea trials. She is due to enter service in June. Photo Mike Louagie

Corvus Energy Secures Contracts For Two More Battery-Powered Ferries

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Corvus Energy has been selected by Norwegian Electric System (NES) to supply lithium ion battery-based energy storage systems (ESS) for two new all-electric ferries being built by Havyard for Fjord1. The ferries will operate on the Magerholm-Sykkylven route.
This follows a previous order in November 2017 to supply the ESSs for three similar newbuilt Fjord1 ferries that will operate on the Hareid-Sulesund route.

Rolls-Royce And Finferries Sign Cooperation Agreement To Optimize Ship Safety And Efficiency

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Rolls-Royce and Finferries have signed a collaboration agreement to develop solutions to optimize the safety and efficiency of marine operations through developing the technology for decision supporting systems, and to demonstrate remote and autonomous ferry operations.

A key focus of the collaboration will be a new research project, called SVAN (Safer Vessel with Autonomous Navigation).


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Fresh Money For The New Halmstad Ferry Terminal

Stena Line can start to operate its ferry from Halmstad instead of Varberg as from this autumn. The port management committee has approved an additional budget of SEK 126 million to build a new ferry terminal in Halmstad.

Stena Line signed a ten-year agreement for its ferry service to Grenaa in Denmark.

Photo: STENA NAUTICA leaving Varberg. Soon it will be Halmstad instead. © Mike Louagie


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Virtu Ferries Not Happy With Government Decisions

Virtu Ferries, the operators of the fast catamaran service between Malta and Sicily, launched a legal challenge contesting the selection of Islands Ferry Network Ltd by the Gozo Ministry. The latter has been selected as partner to Gozo Channel.

According to Virtu, the selected company, which was officially registered just a few days before the public announcement, did not have the necessary experience and resources to carry out such a service.

Virtu is also challenging a tender issued by Transport Malta that is connected to the provision of Malta-Gozo ferry services and the provision of government subsidies for the operation.

Barreras To Build Two Ships For Havila Kystruten

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The Barreras shipyard in Vigo has entered into a preliminary agreement to build two of the new vessels for Havila, the company that is going to operate a part of the Norwegian coastal express service, now run by Hurtigruten.
Two other ships will be built by the group’s own shipyard Havyard in Norway.
The ships have to be ready in 2021.
Barreras states in a newsletter that the contract price for the LNG-powered ships is around €200 million per ship.

French State Has To Compensate Port Of Calais

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The administrative court of Lille (France) has condemned the French State to pay €480,000 to the port of Calais. The port has suffered losses due to the non-intervention of the police to end the blockage of the ferry terminal by MyFerryLink strikers in 2015.
The police said it did not intervene because of the migrant crisis at the same time.


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  • Siremar is looking at renewing its fleet and has appointed Naos in Trieste to design three new ferries.
  • CORSICA MARINA SECONDA has been chartered to run between Trapani and Pantelleria.