The French port of Toulon has again seen a significant rise in freight traffic from Turkish operator UN RoRo. The last twelve months have seen a rise of 9.7% of freight (= 66,345 units). The nine first months of 2017 have even been better, with an increase of 13% to 14%.
Ships sail almost full at 90% of their capacity, both inwards and outwards.
In the beginning of this year one the vessels –UN AKDENIZ– was reintroduced after lengthening. YouTube link
A second vessel will be lengthened soon.

Toulon is strongly associated with Corsica Sardinia Ferries, with here as well an excellent twelve months. The ferries transported more than 1.5 million passengers, an increase of 6.4%.
The new line to Sardinia was good for some 100,000 passengers. Next year Corsica Ferries will open a new route to Mallorca.
Moby Lines could return in 2019, for a link with Bastia (which will be operated out of Nice in 2018).
Freight to and from the island of Corsica has gone down, which can be explained by the competition of Corsica Linea from Marseille.

Photo © UN RoRo – Source: L’Antenne (in French)