June 14, 2018

Wyker Dampfschiffs-Reederei Föhr-Amrum GmbH (W.D.R.), has christened its latest newbuilding, the double-ended ferry NORDERAUE (June 8).

The ship operates on the Föhr-Amrum route, connecting the island ports of Wyk (Föhr) and Wittdün (Amrum) to the Schleswig-Holstein mainland.

The ferry was delivered by Neptun-Werft GmbH on April 19. She is a modified successor of W.D.R.’s two other ferries, UTHLANDE (2010) and SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN (2011).

The growth of freight has required some adjustments to the basic design:

  • Re-designed car deck with four instead of three lanes.
  • Increased deadweight

The new ship has been designed in accordance with the RAL-UZ 141 standards for the renowned German “Blauer Engel” ecolabel.

W.D.R. is also having a low-speed passenger catamaran ferry under construction in The Netherlands, for delivery next year.

Photo: W.D.R.