Based on the input of some readers we have made some changes to the “Ferries on Order” list, which you can download for free via the link below.

  • Some con-ro and PCTC vessels have been removed. Ferry is our core business.
  • Instead of using ro-pax for all ferries with car capacity we’ll gradually diversify the names, in order to help understanding what ship it is about. Like “double-ender” instead of “ro-pax”.
  • Instead of removing a vessel from the list when delivered, we mark it with green colour. Especially when ships are part of series it is easier to see the full line-up.
  • Instead of a downloadable PDF we have now started to use the Excel format, which gives more possibilities.

I would thank the several persons who are helping me to make this list as accurate as possible. Their and your help is much appreciated.