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A Dream Scenario For OSK-Shiptech

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Last week, MSC Group and Onorato Armatori have signed a historical contract with Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) for the order of four luxurious ro-pax ferries. OSK-ShipTech is behind the concept design for the largest ferry order ever.
“Our two largest clients are now doing business together, so to us, this is a dream-scenario, where we are appointed designers on the basis of earlier projects and long-term successful cooperation with all parties. This is such a significant project, and this order is a fantastic opportunity to bring our competencies, the yard’s strength and the owners’ joint pool of many years’ of experience into play,” says CCO of OSK Group, Anders Ørgård.
The contract includes an option for four additional ferries of the same type. In any case, this a record ferry order – and a quantum leap for the joint cooperation between GSI and OSK.

Port Of Tilbury’s New Port Proposal Begins Examination Process

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The Port of Tilbury’s proposals to build a new port terminal, TILBURY2, on the Thames close to the current port has been examined at Issue Specific and Open Floor hearings on February 20 and 21 by the Examining Authority, appointed by the Secretary of State.
TILBURY2 intends to build on a site which was part of the former Tilbury Power Station and will include a new deep water jetty in the river Thames.
The proposed terminal will act as a satellite of the main port and it is proposed that it will comprise a ferry terminal.
The project will also include surface access proposals to link the site to the existing road and rail networks.

Hurtigruten’s First Hybrid Vessel Launched

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Although this vessel is an expedition cruise ship rather than a coastal Hurtigruten unit, it is worth mentioning. Indeed, ROALD AMUNDSEN touched water for the first time during a launching ceremony at the Kleven Yard in Ulsteinvik, Norway.
The successful launching marks an important milestone in the construction of the world’s first hybrid powered expedition ship that will be fitted with large battery packs.
From the bay outside the yard, guests and crew on LOFOTEN, built in 1964 and Hurtigruten’s oldest vessel, greeted the newest addition to the fleet.

Photos : Oclin – Hurtigruten


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European Shipowners Urge For Certainty As Soon As Possible On EU/UK Trade Framework

In a public hearing in the European Parliament’s Transport committee, ECSA’s Secretary General Martin Dorsman discussed the long term objectives for the European shipowners and said: “It is crucial that the EU remains a competitive location for shipping companies to do business. This means a level playing field and close EU-UK cooperation.
Time is running fast and business needs to be able to prepare now. ECSA stresses three immediate priorities for shipowners:

  • Frictionless traffic by sea between the UK and the EU,
  • Free movement of seafarers, onshore staff and passengers
  • Continued market access to the domestic trade and the offshore sector

Currently EU27 exports of goods and services to UK is worth € 365 billion which means 54% of total UK imports and UK exports of goods and services to the EU is € 274 billion equaling 43% of total UK exports.
The increase of freight traffic since 1993 has been enormous, from 1 million lorries in 1993 to 4 million lorries in 2015. Between UK and Ireland it means an increase from 54,000 lorries in 1993 to 392,000 lorries in 2015.


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Færgen’s CEO Expects A Buyer To Acquire The Entire Ferry Company

The Danish State and Clipper Group will sell the shipping company Faergen, said CEO John Steen-Mikkelsen to the Bornholms Tidende (in Danish). Both parties own 50%.
In his opinion there might be news before the summer, and he believes the company will be sold as a whole.
On September 1, 2018, Molslinjen will take over the Bornholm route.

A new LNG ro-pax is under construction in Flensburg, and will be in service in the spring of 2019. “In the following years we’re going to invest in new tonnage,” says Christophe Mathieu. Last year Brittany Ferries announced that they will charter the third ro-pax under construction in China for Stena.

Brexit Makes Brittany Ferries Invest In New Route Between Ireland And Spain

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In an interview with Ouest France (in French), Brittany Ferries’ CEO Christophe Mathieu says he is very optimistic about the decision to open a new route between Cork and Santander.
“We believe in the potential, since Spain is the first holiday destination for the Irish. We had the idea to open the route since a long time. It is the Brexit that triggered the decision.
As from April the Stena RoRo chartered ro-pax CONNEMARA will offer Cork-Santander twice a week, and Cork-Roscoff once a week.
“The goal is to reach a balanced level as from day one.”

Why will the CONNEMARA sail under a foreign flag?
“We decided to have a European flag instead of the French, because we have to be very careful. We don’t know the effects of the Brexit in 3 or 4 years. One thing is sure: the Sterling has dropped considerably, which affects our revenue, which is in Sterling for 70%, while 80% of our costs are in euro.”
He adds that this does not affect the French crew and staff, some 2,400 in low season.

A new LNG ro-pax is under construction in Flensburg, and will be in service in the spring of 2019. “In the following years we’re going to invest in new tonnage,” says Christophe Mathieu. Last year Brittany Ferries announced that they will charter the third ro-pax under construction in China for Stena.

The Corsican Community Will Have To Pay Compensation To Corsica Ferries

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The Marseille Administrative Court of Appeal upheld the judgment of 23 February 2017, recognizing the injury of Corsica Ferries, reports Corse Net Infos (in French).
The subject of the dispute was the aid paid between 2007 and 2013 to the former SNCM and the CMN.
On February 23, 2017, the Bastia Administrative Court had ordered the Collectivité de Corse (CTC) to pay € 84.3 million to Corsica Ferries in compensation for the damage caused by the payment of subsidies. This aid, considered illegal, made it possible to provide an additional service for the transport of passengers during peak periods within the framework of the DSP (Delegation of public service).
Corsica Ferries, then, seized the European Commission and obtained, in April 2016, the cancellation of the DSP.
In a judgment delivered on February 15, the Administrative Court of Appeal of Marseille confirms the payment of indemnities.
Satisfied with the judgment, Pierre Mattei, CEO of Corsica Ferries, sees two mistakes committed by the CTC.
1) Illegal subsidies in 2007.
2) In 2013, when it did nothing to recover the € 220 million in illegal aid received by SNCM that should have paid back.
It will now be a question of precisely assessing this damage. The CTC already announced to accept the verdict.

Hydrogen And Wind Power, A Solution For The Scottish Ferries?

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Hydrogen manufactured by community-owned wind turbines has been proposed for Scotland’s west coast ferries. The Scottish government has awarded funding for a feasibility study.
The project’s partners include CMAL.
Partners are Ferguson Marine shipyard, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy and Point and Sandwick Trust, operators of the community-owned Beinn Ghrideag Wind Farm on the Isle of Lewis. The latter is leading the project.


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Photo: Mike Louagie

CLdN’s second newbuilt ro-ro, DELPHINE, has reached Zeebrugge on Sunday February 17. She is a sister to the 7,800 lane metre CELINE.

  • DFDS have hired Michelin grade chef Søren Westh as a consultant for the Marco Polo restaurants on Copenhagen – Oslo. Westh has experience from both Noma (Copenhagen) and the legendary El Bulli restaurant in Barcelona.


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Waste Heat To Cool Batteries Saves Fuel

The Scandlines hybrid ferry PRINSESSE BENEDIKTE uses engine waste heat to cool down the batteries. Behind the innovative system is the start-up company Cool4Sea, which used the ferry as a test lab, with the support of the EU.
The particularity of the system is that it tolerates inclinations of up to 45°, ideal for maritime use. Normally the process should not be subject to movement and vibration.
The advantage is obvious: waste heat means no fuel has to be used for air conditioning, thus saving money.
Cool4Sea expects to have the system available on the market as from 2020.[/vc_columnScandlines, hybrid_text]

Photo: Scandlines/Jukka Huotari

Port Of Helsinki Claims It Has Taken The Top Spot Among European Passenger Ports

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In 2017, Helsinki grew to become the busiest passenger port in Europe and possibly the entire world with 12.3 million passengers. Passenger numbers continued to increase on the Helsinki-Tallinn route in particular, reflecting the development of Helsinki and Tallinn into ‘twin cities’ with close economic and social ties.
A new video has been produced. One part shows the terminal where ADELTE has installed a new Seaport Passenger Boarding Bridge.

Photo: Port of Helsinki